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Developmental Milestones for Kindergarten

FastBridge (which grew in February 2015 from the Formative Assessment System for Teachers) is excited to make available our newest addition to the FastBridge assessment suite, Developmental Milestones. 

Developmental Milestones (DM-K) is a brief, observation-based criterion-referenced rating scale completed by teachers on a web-enabled device.  It is designed to evaluate each student’s progress toward established milestones throughout the kindergarten year.

DM-K Domains:

– Language, Literacy & Communications

– Cognitive Development

– Social and Emotional Development

– Creativity and the Arts

– Approaches to Learning

– Physical and Motor Development

Reports provide instructionally relevant data for teachers by instantly reporting each student’s strengths, areas of difficulty, progress toward milestones, and risk.

Furthermore, the reports also help educators identify trends in each individual student’s performance, as well as group-level data that help clarify when class-wide or school-wide intervention and support are needed.

Want to learn more about Developmental Milestones?

Visit our Developmental Milestones page for details and sample reports, or contact us for a free demonstration.

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