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{On-Demand Webinar} 4 Fundamentals of Formative Assessment

Webinar Date: February 6, 2019

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Formative assessment can be a powerful tool to measure students’ progress in learning while they’re learning. With the information effective formative assessments provide, teachers can make instructional adjustments and improve learning outcomes. But there is much confusion around what formative assessment is and how to best use it.
During this on-demand webinar, we’ll:

  • Dispel common misunderstandings about formative assessment
  • Examine what defines formative assessment
  • Discuss how formative assessment helps students
  • Share how formative assessment fits into MTSS

This webinar is a great opportunity to learn the principles of formative assessment and best practices for leveraging their power to inform instruction.

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Meet the Speakers:

Rachel Brown, PhD Moderator:
Rachel Brown, PhD
Senior Academic Officer
FastBridge Learning


John Bielinksi, PhDJohn Bielinksi, PhD
Senior Director of Research & Development
FastBridge Learning


Lynn M. Edwards, PhDLynn M. Edwards, PhD
Post-Doctoral Research Associate & School Psychologist
University of Minnesota

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