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FAST Status: All Systems Go!

Our Story

Over 15 years, Dr. Theodore J. Christ and colleagues received US Department of Education funding to build knowledge and improve educational assessments through research and development. A set of improved assessments and refined ideas emerged from their work. In 2010, Drs. Christ (Founder) and Borbora (Co-Founder) conceptualized and created the Formative Assessment System for Teachers (FAST™) as a cloud-based system at the University of Minnesota, to make it easier for teachers to collect and use data more effectively.

In early 2015, the University of Minnesota partnered with Theodore J. Christ and Colleagues (TJCC) and the FAST team to launch FastBridge Learning. Today, FastBridge Learning supports and delivers FAST to schools across the country. FAST™ has become a trusted tool for universal screening, progress monitoring, skills analysis, and informing instruction. FAST is distinguished and trusted by educators, and today it is transforming teaching and learning for over 1.5 million educators and children nationwide.

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