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FAST Status: All Systems Go!


earlyMath is designed to screen and monitor PreK-1 students, yet may be administered to older students as needed. Of 14 sub-tests, select combinations of up to four sub-tests are recommended per benchmark period—fall, winter, spring—varying over time. They provide a trusted, insightful composite score indicating students’ readiness or risk. See more>>

CBMmath (Curriculum-Based Measurement for Math) is designed to universally screen students in grades 1-8, or progress monitor students through grade 12.  The data indicate students’ readiness or risk across key math skill areas, such as computation, math concepts, and math applications. See more>> 

aMath (Adaptive Math) is a simple, efficient computer-adaptive measure of broad math that is individualized per student but may be group administered in about 20-30 minutes. aMath is highly researched and based on the recommendations of the National Math Panel (2008) and the Common Core State Standards. Students who progress at a typical pace through their math curriculum meet the standards for expected performance. Students with deficits in achievement are identified via aMath to receive further instruction. See more>>

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