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Progress Monitoring

Progress monitoring is used in conjunction with universal screening in an MTSS model (or by anyone who is interested in improving learning results for children) to set goals for a student’s learning growth, quickly and frequently assess a student’s academic performance, measure his/her rate of improvement, and to evaluate the effectiveness of instruction. Progress monitoring is given to students—often those identified for Tier 2 and Tier 3 intervention—repeatedly and frequently (e.g., weekly, bi-weekly).

Since teachers often don’t know ahead of time whether an intervention will be successful for a student, FastBridge Learning’s progress monitoring tools are designed to support teachers’ understanding of a student’s response to intervention and give them timely feedback and support to quickly adjust instruction as needed. The use of our frequent and ongoing progress monitoring results in more efficient and better targeted instructional techniques and goals, which together, move all students to better and faster learning outcomes. Other benefits include:

  • Accelerated learning because students are receiving more appropriate instruction
  • More informed instructional decisions
  • More efficient communication with families and other educators about students’ progress
  • Higher expectations for students by teachers
  • Fewer special education referrals

FastBridge Learning offers a scientifically based progress monitoring approach that is supported by significant educational research led by Dr. Theodore J. Christ and his research team at the University of Minnesota. FAST™ progress monitoring tools simplify the entire goal-setting process with built-in guidance that is based on research-based rate of improvement (ROI) recommendations. Our supportive and flexible progress monitoring tools leave the teacher in control of the process.

FAST progress monitoring tools use brief, evidence-based Curriculum-Based Measurement probes that can be easily administered by a classroom teacher, special education teacher, or school psychologist. Our progress monitoring tools offer accurate, meaningful information about students’ academic levels and are highly sensitive to growth.

Explore our progress monitoring measures in readingmathematics and social-emotional learning. Get started, schedule a demo, or speak with a FAST representative to discover how you can improve learning outcomes and better support your teachers this school year.

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