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FAST Status: All Systems Go!


earlyReading, available in English and Spanish, is designed to screen and monitor PreK-1 students, yet may be administered to older students as needed. Of 12 subtests, four key subtests derived from the latest research are suggested per benchmark period—fall, winter, spring—varying over time. They provide a trusted, insightful composite score indicating students’ readiness or risk. See more>>

CBMreading (Curriculum-Based Measurement for Reading) is a simple, efficient, evidence-based assessment used for universal screening in grades 1-8, and progress monitoring for grades 1-12 in English or Spanish. A teacher listens and evaluates a student’s performance, including accuracy, error types, and qualitative features, while they read aloud from a grade-level passage for one minute. See more>> 

CBMcomp (Curriculum-Based Measurement for Comprehension) is an optional add on to CBMreading passages for grades 1-8 for screening and progress monitoring. CBMcomp measures a student’s comprehension of the passage that was just read by using story retell and a series of 10 questions about the passage. See more>> 

aReading (Adaptive Reading) is a simple, efficient computer-adaptive measure of broad reading for grades K-12 that is individualized for each student, but may be delivered in a group format in about 15-30 minutes.  It is designed for Universal Screening. Aligned to the Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts, aReading is more precise than paper-and-pencil assessments and based on over ten years of rigorous research that is built upon the recommendations of the National Reading Panel (2000). See more>>

AUTOreading emerged from many years of research as a fully automated, computer administered measure of decoding, word identification, and comprehension for use to screen and monitor student progress across grade levels K-12. AUTOreading includes eight individual testlets of 30 items, with one to four testlets recommended per grade level, to measure students’ accuracy and automaticity. See more >>

COMPefficiency (Comprehension Efficiency) was developed and designed to measure the quality and efficiency of the comprehension processes that occur during reading and the qualities of comprehension product that are left after reading. Presenting both narrative and informational texts, this cutting-edge assessment is computer administered in 7-12 minutes and is available for universal screening and progress monitoring for grades 2-8. See more>>

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