Benchmark Goals for Student Success

By: Rachel Brown, Ph.D., NCSP In order to know if a student is making progress toward specific learning goals, comparison with some type of standard or benchmark of success is needed. The term benchmark is widely used in education to indicate grade-level learning goals for all students. These benchmarks are scores on certain assessments that[…]

Universal Screening and Progress Monitoring Using FastBridge Social, Emotional, Behavioral (SEB) Measures

By: Seth Aldrich, Ph.D. FastBridge Learning Affiliate Effective implementation of a Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) includes universal screening and progress monitoring for academic and social, emotional and behavioral (SEB) difficulties. FastBridge Learning provides assessments and data management for both. This post will discuss some tips when conducting and interpreting data from the Social Academic and[…]

Selecting Math Progress Measures

By: Rachel Brown, Ph.D., NCSP The FastBridge Learning system has many math assessments that teachers can use to monitor student progress. In order for such monitoring to be effective the progress measure must match the skill that the student is learning in the selected intervention. FastBridge math progress measures include tools that evaluate students’ mastery of[…]

Using a Problem-Solving Model

By: Rachel Brown, Ph.d., NCSP As the school year moves into its final months, this blog serves to remind us all about how a problem-solving approach is the best way to help students who are still struggling in school. FastBridge Learning endorses a 5-step problem solving method that includes: Problem Identification Problem Analysis Plan Development Plan[…]

Top 10 Help Desk Questions and Answers

By: Todd Sundboom: FastBridge Director of Customer Success The FastBridge Learning customer support team gets many calls, emails, and chat questions each day. We have organized the most frequent of these into a “top 10” list with answers from the Help Desk team. Question: “Which assessments should I use?”  The answer: “It depends.” There is not[…]

FastBridge Research Foundations

By: Rachel Brown, Ph.D., NCSP FastBridge Learning staff are often asked what is the research base for our assessments. This is an easy question to answer because there are many peer-reviewed published articles that document the strong research foundations for all FastBridge tools. Before FastBridge Learning makes any assessment available, substantial research has been conducted[…]