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FAST Status: All Systems Go!

Get a precise view of student progress

After completing an assessment, you’ll receive customized reports that pinpoint any problems and provide recommendations on interventions to help students get back on track. Our dashboard view allows you to continually measure, track and monitor student learning and growth for more effective teaching.


  • Identify and group students by risk
  • Compare individual and group skills to benchmarks
  • Track student progress
  • View all screening and progress monitoring activity
  • Receive recommended interventions available within the school and district

Screening & Problem Identification

Group Screening Report
Quickly and accurately identifies and groups students by risk.

Group Growth Report
Reports student rate of improvement based on fall benchmarks, and provides growth goals and comparisons to class, school, district and national norms.

Impact Report
Aggregates data at the district level with the ability to drill down to school, grade, class and student level.

Analysis & Planning

Individual Skills Report
Provides a snapshot of the student’s risk relative to benchmarks. Details results on an item-by-item basis, providing insight into the skills the student demonstrates and/or for which they may need additional instructional support.

Group Skills Report
Summarizes skills by student and group, per class, facilitating better differentiated instructional grouping decisions by teachers.

Intervention & Monitoring

Individual Benchmark Comparison Report
Reports risk relative to benchmarks and performance as compared to local and national norms.

Progress Monitoring Report
Provides details on individual student performance by intervention, rate of improvement, date, trend, goal and more.

Student Dashboard View
Details all assessment activity — screening and progress monitoring — over time.

Screening to Intervention Report
The built-in Recommendation Engine guides teachers to applicable interventions available within their school and district.

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