July 23, 2015


SB Math

Standards-Based Math (SBmath) is an incredibly versatile suite of computer administered, unit-based assessments for grades six, seven and eight. SBmath was developed with consideration of national and state grade-level mathematics standards, including Common Core National Standards.

FAST Standards-Based Math sample items

FAST Standards-Based Math sample items

SBmath addresses challenges presented in other assessment systems by offering teachers the flexibility to administer the unit-based assessments in an order that specifically corresponds to their school or district curriculum map.

The SBmath Assessments

SBmath offers convenience. Students complete the unit tests online via a computer, tablet or Chromebook. Their performance is automatically scored.

Designed in collaboration with middle school teachers, FAST offers teachers the sought-after ability to individualize unit assessments for students, including on- and off-grade level administration options. Teachers also have the freedom to choose when to give specific unit tests based on their instructional and curricular plans for the academic year.


Easy-to-interpret reports are instantly available and provide teachers with details on each student’s strengths and areas of difficulty by specific standards and skills. The reports also provide predictions of students’ risk to meet proficiency standards on state tests.

This combination of information provides teachers and administrators excellent information to guide and inform instruction for students at all levels of academic performance.