Universal Screening Reminders for Winter Benchmarking

By: Rachel Brown, Ph.D., NCSP FastBridge Learning recommends that all students complete universal benchmark screening assessments one or more times per year. For elementary students we recommend screening 3 times per year in the fall, winter, and spring; some middle schools do this as well. Winter screening usually goes more smoothly than in the fall[…]

Understanding Your Screening Data

By: Jessie Kember As mentioned in a previous post (Assessment Literacy: Understanding Student Data), assessment serves as a core foundational component of decision-making within a Multi-Tier System of Support (MTSS) framework. Two broad categories of assessment within an MTSS framework are screening and progress monitoring. The purpose of this blog is to explain the scope and[…]

Using FAST in Special Education

By: Yvette Arañas In previous posts, I have indicated the importance of making educational decisions for all students from assessment data. This idea is especially important in special education, as it is meant to help students with special needs improve their self-sufficiency and academic success. Without the use of data, it would be difficult to[…]

K-2 Literacy Instruction: FAST earlyReading Data for Balance and Differentiation

By: Louise Vojtisek, M.A., NCSP There is good evidence to support that most children who are identified as learning disabled have difficulties in the area of reading, and that these difficulties are typically not identified until third grade. An ongoing challenge for educators is figuring out which students with reading difficulties have a true learning[…]

FAST™ Feature Focus: Interpreting Screening Reports for Reading

By: Yvette Arañas Now that you have collected benchmark screening data from your students, be sure to take the time to examine and interpret the data. Unfortunately, many assessments require someone to graph and interpret the data or provide reports that are hard for teachers to understand; but not all schools have someone (e.g., a[…]

Best Practices for Using Data in the Classroom

By: Yvette Arañas With so many state assessments, screening, progress monitoring, and classroom exams in place, there is no doubt that students go through a lot of testing. One question that we need to ask ourselves is, are we just testing for the sake of testing? Are we using the data from our assessments appropriately? It[…]

The Importance of Standardization in the Administration of Universal Screening Measures

By: Dr. Scott P. Ardoin, University of Georgia Across the last decade great emphasis and much debate has surrounded the administration of state mandated (SM) tests in public schools.  In general they are not well liked and teachers, parents, and administrators often wish that the tests were not part of the current school culture.  Test[…]