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FAST Status: All Systems Go!

The training you want, how you want it

Just like students learn in different ways, so do teachers. That’s why we provide convenient, flexible options to fit your needs, all included as part of your FASTTM subscription.

Web-based learning
Prefer independent learning? It’s available on demand within FASTTM whenever you need it. Check out the different modules that offer overviews on every assessment, step-by-step guidance, scoring practice, hundreds of video tutorials, and certification for FASTTM navigation, screening, progress monitoring, and assessment administration.

24/7 access to the FASTTM Knowledge Base
View our library of previously asked questions, dive into our webinar archive, participate in live chat discussions and submit new questions to the FastBridge school support team.

One-on-one ongoing support
Need step-by-step guidance? Get additional technical help from our school support team via phone, email or live chat.

Go deeper with optional add-ons

Get in-depth, guided training, professional development or ongoing coaching from experienced FastBridge consultants onsite at your district. Or, customize a virtual training session on an hourly basis with a live coach.

Receive live coaching and training delivered through interactive, web-based sessions led by a FastBridge consultant or coach. Sessions occur in real time but can also be recorded for later use by your team. Select from one of our suggested topics or design a session to meet the training needs of your school/district. Suggested topics and session lengths include:

  • FAST System Orientation and Navigation (2 hours)
  • Assessment Tools (2 to 3 hours)
    • FAST Reading
    • FAST Math
    • Social-Emotional Behavior
  • Using FAST Data and Reports (2 hours)
    • Academic Screening and Progress Monitoring
    • Social-Emotional Behavior Screening and Progress Monitoring
    • Classroom Environment

Cost: $200/hour


Onsite professional development

Receive in-depth, guided training provided onsite by experienced FastBridge consultants. We use a variety of approaches to customize training for your needs, including digital technologies, hands-on learning, small group activities, live coaching and modeling, and more. Design an onsite professional development day or select one or more of our training packages to build a professional program that meets your school/district needs. All onsite sessions include FAST system navigation and in-depth training on each assessment group selected. Our one-day packages include:

  • Screening with FAST Reading Assessments
  • Screening with FAST Math Assessments
  • Screening and Monitoring with FAST Social-Emotional Behavior Measures
  • FAST Progress Monitoring and Data/Report Interpretation

School and district manager training

When you purchase onsite professional development, school and district managers can take advantage of a free, web-based training session to learn how to manage their FastBridge accounts. Choose from two levels of training, each lasting two hours:

  • Introductory (setting up accounts, overseeing online FAST teacher certification)
  • Advanced (how to extract large data sets and export FAST data to other student information systems)
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