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3 More States Approve FastBridge for Early Reading and Dyslexia Screening

Many states have approved FastBridge for early reading and/or dyslexia screening. Arizona, Mississippi, and Texas are the most recent additions to this list.FastBridge is the only assessment system utilizing both Computer-Adaptive Testing (CAT) and Curriculum-Based Measurement (CBM) for universal screening and progress monitoring for reading, math, and social-emotional behavior.

With FastBridge, educators can screen for dyslexia, and reading, math, and social emotional behavior skills. The screeners will provide insights such as:

  • Diagnostic information and “What now?” guidance
  • Whole group plans and interventions
  • Skill gap information about different groups of students
  • Guidance and interventions to fill those gaps

Educators can reduce their work around data analysis with robust, reliable reporting that identifies students who are at-risk and makes recommendations for timely and targeted supports.

Trusted Literacy Screening in 13 States


Dyslexia Screening map



earlyReading and CBMreading

In Arizona, FastBridge’s reading assessments, earlyReading and CBMreading, will be available for selection around K-3 literacy and dyslexia screening. Both assessments can be used to address students’ learning needs with targeted, data-driven interventions and screen for signs of dyslexia.

earlyReading and CBMreading meet the five criteria required for dyslexia screening:

  • Brief: Take 10 minutes or fewer to administer.
  • Standardized: Are administered and scored consistently to accurately compare performance among individuals or groups.
  • Norm-Referenced: Compare a student’s performance to the performance of their peers.
  • Valid: Focus on the specific skill areas affected by dyslexia, including phonemic awareness, letter naming and automaticity with sounds and words.
  • Easy to Understand: Can be used by educators to quickly identify students who are struggling and their specific risk level.

In Texas, FastBridge has been selected as a Texas Education Agency (TEA) approved reading diagnostic tool for grades 1 and 2, per House Bill 3 legislation.

“FastBridge is a powerful tool, whether it’s used in the school building, as part of remote learning or in a blended learning environment,” said Dr. Shawn Mahoney, Chief Product Officer and Chief Learning Officer at Illuminate. “FastBridge supports Texas educators in accelerating early literacy learning with two efficient, evidence-based tools: earlyReading and CBMreading.”

Illuminate Education is offering free demos of CBMreading and earlyReading, as well as webinars on how FastBridge and the Illuminate Education comprehensive solution can be used to prevent learning loss and accelerate learning.

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