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New COVID Slide Research: Learning Loss & Recommendations to Close the Gap

Every fall, educators expect some level of learning loss as students return to school from summer break. But this school year we’re dealing with more than the typical summer slide. How have nearly six months out of the classroom and without direct instruction affected students’ skills in reading and math?

To help give you a better idea of the extent of learning loss, we analyzed data from FastBridge aReading, aMath, and CBMreading assessments from prior years to estimate the impact of spring school closures.

COVID Slide: Research on Learning Loss & Recommendations to Close the Gap answers many of the questions educators are asking as they return to learning, including:

  • Did certain grade levels experience more pronounced learning loss than others?
  • Will certain core subjects (reading and math) experience the same levels of regression or will one suffer more than the other?
  • Exactly how far behind can I expect students to be when we resume instruction?
  • How does this impact my planning for 2020-21?

Download our report to review the data and recommendations for addressing learning loss when you resume instruction this fall.

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