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New Research from Illuminate Quantifies Actual Learning Loss due to COVID

***This article first appeared on the Illuminate Education blog on Friday, November 13.***

New research by Illuminate Education reveals substantial math losses in grades 5-8 and modest reading losses across grades K-8 as a result of COVID-19 disruptions.

“The data show that we’ve reached a critical point. If we don’t place greater emphasis on remedying losses now, achievement gaps are likely to widen later,” said Dr. John Bielinski, Sr. Dir. of Research & Development at Illuminate Education. “Through regular screeningsupport, and practice, we can work to ensure students aren’t left behind.”

Earlier this year, Illuminate Education researchers reported projected learning loss due to disruptions in instruction from the pandemic. The new brief uses data from a national sample of students who completed FastBridge’s aReading and aMath assessments in fall 2020 and compared those results to a calculated baseline, which was established by analyzing more than one million previous fall screening administrations dating back to fall 2016. By comparing the data sets, researchers were able to quantify actual fall learning loss Important highlights include:

  • The disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have resulted in measurable learning loss.
  • Math achievement losses are substantial in grades 5 through 8.
  • Early reading loss is of great concern.

Download the brief here to view findings and recommendations for achieving catch-up growth.

Illuminate Education will continue to research and share findings on this topic. Subscribe to the FastBridge insights blog to make sure you receive the latest updates.

Martin Yan

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