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Our Values

We are values driven. We strive to tell the truth, respect the teacher, and deliver high value solutions. These values inform our work, and we measure our successes against them.

We Tell the Truth. Perhaps more than at any time in the past, educators are bombarded with claims of research, evidence, data, statistics and assessments. These words relate to very important and lofty subject matter that is undermined by misuse. We strive to know better and do better. We strive to tell the truth. And, the truth is that all research has its limitations, as do the various types of assessment and data. That is true regardless of any misleading claims. So, we deliver multiple types of assessment in one suite with guidance to use the right tool for the right purpose. It is an honest and better solution for teachers.

We Respect the Teacher. At the beginning, the Formative Assessment System for Teachers was named so to make this value explicit. After he was paraprofessional, residential counselor and special education teacher, Dr. Christ earned his PhD in school psychology to be a better educator. He always intended to return to the classroom, but was drawn by a research career to improve teaching. He and our team respect, respond and solicit input from teachers who work to solve difficult problems with limited resources. We try to understand and meet their needs—and yours—with quality research, engineering, training and support.

We Deliver High-Value Solutions. We strive to provide systems and services that are effective, efficient, elegant and economical. An effective solution that helps teachers improve child outcomes in reading, math and social-emotional development. An efficient solution that saves teachers time and resources while making them more effective. An elegant solution that is pleasing and easy to use while making teachers more effective and efficient. Finally, an economical solution that is sustainable for us and our customers.

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