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Assessments that deliver actionable data, faster

Are your current assessment tools taking too much time from teaching? FASTTM gives teachers more precise data more quickly using a combination of CBM and CAT assessments for reading, math and social-emotional behavior. Teachers can use this data to identify at-risk students faster, and intervene quicker to prevent students from falling even further behind. From assessments to reports to training, it’s all part of one simple solution.

The right information at the right time.

Computer Adaptive Tests (CAT)

Accurately identifies MTSS/RTI grouping and predicts test outcomes.

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Curriculum-Based Measurement (CBM)

Highly sensitive to growth over brief periods, ideal for progress monitoring.

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Provides information to help support data-driven decision-making.

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Universal screening

Tools to identify student risk for reading, math and behavior.

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Progress monitoring

Results in more efficient, targeted intervention techniques and goals.

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FASTTM Reading

Efficiently measures both basic and higher-level reading skills.

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Measures performance on basic facts and higher-order applied math.

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FASTTM Social-Emotional Behavior

Measures developmental milestones, social-emotional behavior and more.

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