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[Playbook] Putting the Science of Reading into Practice

This post originally appeared on the Illuminate Education blog, "Close Learning Gaps by Applying the Science of Reading." As a social justice issue, reading must be addressed with assessment and evidence-based reading instruction. Reading is fundamental to success in every…

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Group Screening Report for Teachers

by Rachel Brown, Ph.D., NCSP Understanding the difference between benchmarks and norms in Group Screening Reports  The first FastBridge® report that most teachers use is the Group Screening Report. This report is designed to summarize students’ scores from universal screening assessments.…

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Group Screening Reports

Group Screening Report for Leaders

by Rachel Brown, Ph.D., NCSP FastBridge Learning® offers many different reports that summarize student data. In addition to there being many different reports, there are also different levels of certain reports. For example, the Group Screening Report provides different information for…

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