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DevMilestones is a brief, observation-based criterion-referenced rating scale used to track student development in key areas of skill and performance across the school year. Paperless administration enables teachers to complete the scale anywhere, anytime using a web-connected computer or mobile device.

Designed to evaluate each student’s performance relative to established milestones across the kindergarten year, DevMilestones helps capture the time and stage at which students demonstrate these skills—from emerging levels through to mastery. The system provides instructionally relevant data for teachers by instantly reporting students’ strengths, areas of difficulty, and risk.

The Domains

DevMilestones helps ensure students’ success in kindergarten and beyond by evaluating skills in the following domains and reporting results for teachers, who may also share them with parents.

  • Language, Literacy and Communications
  • Cognitive Development
  • Social and Emotional Development
  • Creativity and the Arts
  • Approaches to Learning
  • Physical and Motor Development


Screening is observation-based and is typically conducted three times per year.  Teachers may enter ratings easily, anytime and anywhere using a web-enabled device.


Instant online, printable reports by student or by class help provide useful information to support students’ needs and growth. Easily interpreted, they efficiently report skills, risk, strengths, and areas of concern globally, and by sub-skill domain.  The data are organized to help teachers plan for effective instruction.

Gauge baseline performance
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