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Dyslexia Screening


Guide Early Interventions for Students with Dyslexia

Early intervention for reading problems, including dyslexia, is highly effective. Interventions provided in kindergarten and grade 1 require far less time than addressing problems in higher grades. The best interventions are driven by universal screening data. As a result, many states have passed laws requiring universal screening for dyslexia.

Using the Formative Assessment System for Teachers (FAST™) could help you meet those requirements and provide teachers with data to support all students, including those with dyslexia.

What to Look for in Dyslexia Screeners

Not all assessments can be used for dyslexia screening. Does your current system meet the five criteria for effectively identifying
young students who are struggling?

FAST is an approved dyslexia screener in several states, including Missouri, Oregon, South Carolina, and Washington.


Contact us to find out if FAST is an approved dyslexia screener in your state.

FAST Dyslexia Screeners


The earlyReading Composite includes subtests that measure the critical early reading skills of phonemic awareness and phonics. Low scores on these skills can indicate risk for reading problems, including dyslexia.

View our informative infographic.


CBMreading measures phonics, fluency, and comprehension, all key indicators of dyslexia. Low scores on these skills can indicate risk for reading problems, including dyslexia.

Kindergarten: earlyReading Composite
Grade 1: earlyReading Composite which includes CBMreading in winter and spring
Grades 2+: CBMreading

Webinar: How to Use FAST for Dyslexia Screening

Get a detailed look into using earlyReading and CBMreading, included in every FAST subscription, to support students with dyslexia. Learn how to use FAST to:

  • Screen for early signs of dyslexia
  • Inform data-driven literacy interventions
  • Monitor students’ progress toward reading goals

Dyslexia Resources

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