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Educator Involvement

Educators Help Create the Next Generation of Assessments

Real-world feedback and participation are key to ensure FastBridge assessments are effective and relevant. Educators can participate with the newest innovations from FastBridge Research Labs in two ways.

Educator Involvement

#1: Field Testing

Field testing is a limited-access program used during the first phase of testing to determine the quality and appropriateness of test items, scoring, and reporting.  

Districts with applicable demographics and characteristics are invited to participate using a special FastBridge Research Labs online environment.

Educator Involvement

#2: Lab Status

After field testing is complete, assessments are then made available for trial use by any district using FastBridge as a Lab assessment.  

Lab assessments are used to gather real-world feedback by districts using FastBridge before they are endorsed for use as a primary indicator for instructional decision making.  

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