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FAST Projection™ provides insight into student progress in just 6 weeks—compared to 12—so you can close learning gaps faster. Know if interventions are working in half the time.

Watch how FAST Projection Works

Reliable Insights in Just 6 Weeks

The assessment leader that brought you FastBridge introduces another industry innovation: the FAST Projection, a new, patent-pending algorithm based on extensive research from the University of Minnesota. By giving teachers an accurate prediction of student progress in fewer data points, FAST Projection helps accelerate learning.

Get predictions faster.
Compared with the 12 data points most solutions require, our algorithm gives a prediction of future student performance in just six data points, saving valuable weeks (or months) of testing.

Fast Projection

Intervene smarter.
Knowing the probability of an intervention’s effectiveness allows teachers to make modifications sooner.

Fast Projection

Keep students on track.
Seeing an accurate prediction of future growth helps teachers ensure students are performing to their full potential and reaching their goals.

Want to see it in action?

Developed by leading researchers at the University of Minnesota in partnership with FastBridge and the U.S. Department of Education, this new predictive growth algorithm delivers improved data for teaching and learning.

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