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Our Approach to Research

The Best Assessments Emerge from Collaborations between Researchers and Educators

Our 5-Step Approach

Research based assessments

Initial Development

Ideas are translated into a research study with defined materials, participants, procedures, and how the outcomes will be measured.


Controlled Studies

Once the research plan is verified, one or more controlled studies are conducted to see if the idea works under ideal conditions.


Peer-Reviewed Articles 

Research articles submitted for technical documentation are sent to two or more researchers who are experts in the same topic as the study.


Lab Status

The assessment has been researched and verified in controlled studies and is now available to districts for a limited, trial use to gather feedback.


Endorsed Assessment

With multiple sources of high-quality research, the assessment measure is released from Lab and becomes an endorsed assessment for instructional decision making.

the power of formative assessment

The Power of Formative Assessment

Download the whitepaper to learn how to identify effective formative assessments and use data to improve instruction, inform intervention, and increase student achievement.


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Read more about how FastBridge Research Labs combines university teams, technology, and educator involvement to create the most effective and innovative assessments available.

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