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Our MTSS Solution


Implement MTSS in Your Schools

Use the FastBridge assessment solution to build and sustain a Multi-Tier System of Support (MTSS) framework that promotes data-based decision-making across core, supplemental, and intensive instructional settings to impact learning growth. FastBridge is the only tool to provide all of the support critical to long-term MTSS success in one integrated data collection and assessment system. FastBridge includes:

  • A unique combination of Computer-Adaptive Tests (CAT) and Curriculum-Based Measures (CBM) for universal screening and progress monitoring across reading, math, and social-emotional behavior (SEB)
  • Easy-to-read data reports that facilitate collaborative problem-solving and connect data to recommendations for instruction and intervention delivery
  • Professional development and training to build teachers’ capacity to implement assessments and interventions with fidelity

FastBridge Solutions Support MTSS At All Levels

tier 1 instruction core

Using FastBridge at Tier 1 (Low Risk)

  • Make core instruction more effective for every student.
  • Universal screening assessments help determine what students know and still need to learn.
  • Group Screening, Skills and Growth reports reveal each student’s knowledge and risk levels, skill deficits among classes and growth over time.
  • Screening to Intervention report suggests class-wide and individual interventions as well progress measures for select students.
tier two instruction

Using FastBridge at Tier 2 (Some Risk) 

Direct targeted, evidence-based small-group interventions for students who aren’t responding at Tier 1.

  • Individual Skills report shows specific skills a student still needs to learn.
  • Recommendation engine matches interventions to skill deficits.
  • Progress Monitoring reports let teachers track how students are responding to interventions and make adjustments as needed.
tier 3 instruction

Using FastBridge at Tier 3

Make special education eligibility decisions and apply evidence-based interventions for students who require intensive, 1:1 intervention.

  • Benchmark indicators quickly identify students with high-risk scores.
  • Progress Monitoring report offers intervention details and scheduling.
  • Student at a Glance report shows a student’s screening and progress scores over multiple years.

See How FastBridge Facilitates MTSS Within an Entire School District

Learn how the North Saint Paul School District made the switch from Pearson AIMSweb and NWEA MAP to FastBridge in order to drive decision making around instruction and intervention and, ultimately, improve student performance. 

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