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Our Promise Is to You, the Educator

Beginning in 2005, our research team received competitive funding from the U.S. Department of Education to build knowledge about and improve educational assessments. From that work, Dr. Theodore J. Christ and Dr. Zoheb H. Borbora conceptualized and created the Formative Assessment System for Teachers (FAST™) as a cloud-based academic assessment system at the University of Minnesota in 2010. Their goal was to use research and technology to make it easier for teachers to collect and use data to improve student outcomes. This was the beginning of how FastBridge came to be.

The FastBridge assessment system was designed to take the typical 10- to 30-year gap between university research and classroom results and reduce it to months – even weeks. Our vision from the start: Innovate today and implement tomorrow, translating research into results for educators.

FastBridge Learning, LLC was launched in spring 2015 to distribute and support FAST assessments. Since that time, additional assessment tools have been added to the FastBridge system to include assessments across reading and math domains for grades K-12, as well as for social-emotional and behavioral (SEB) skills and early childhood development.

FastBridge Learning partnered with Theodore. J. Christ and Colleagues (TJCC), including Dr. Christ and a team of nationally renowned scholars and university-based researchers to author and continue refining the FastBridge assessments, furthering the model of research to results. In 2018-19, our assessments were used in more than 45 states, which includes a statewide reading adoption in Iowa, and delivered more than  27 million screening and progress monitoring administrations.

In 2019, FastBridge Learning became an independent subsidiary of Illuminate Education. FAST became the FastBridge assessment system and now provides the core screening, diagnostic, and progress monitoring assessment capabilities for the Illuminate Solution.

The Illuminate Solution helps educators efficiently make data-informed decisions to accelerate learning by streamlining comprehensive assessment, MTSS management, and real-time dashboards. This powerful combination of tools provides educators with clear, actionable insights to answer key questions at the student, classroom, school, and district level. Illuminate Education supports over 12 million students and 2,000 districts in all 50 states.

In partnership, we continue to strive for our vision: Research to Results.

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