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Tech for Research

The Bridge from Research to Results

FastBridge is more than just an assessment and intervention platform. It’s also a secure, scalable environment to conduct research into innovative new assessment items and capabilities.

Our robust online platform provides a unique method for collaboration between the groups that comprise FastBridge Research Labs: university teams, districts and their educators, and FastBridge. Learn more about the impact FastBridge has on districts and their students.


Technology for University Teams

FastBridge Research Labs’ university teams need a secure, online platform that connects researchers at multiple locations across the country. FastBridge provides a dedicated environment to conduct research, prototype new capabilities, and field test new assessments in real-world classroom situations. It also provides a central, integrated data warehouse to store research data for easy extraction and analysis.

Read how our university teams drive new, science-based assessments.

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Technology for Schools and Districts

FastBridge provides schools and districts an online environment to test emerging new assessments with their own students and their own data. They can provide feedback on emerging “Lab” assessments to help ensure real-world feedback is incorporated before the assessments are fully incorporated into FastBridge. This is a unique approach to involving educators and students to provide real-world input into assessments before publishing to ensure they directly meet all needs.

Read how schools and districts play a key role with FastBridge Research Labs.

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