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Math Assessments


Assess and Address Core Math Concepts 

Use the FAST™ math suite on its own to screen and monitor specific math skills, or in conjunction with the reading and behavior assessments included in your FAST subscription for a more complete picture of student achievement. The math suite combines evidence-based Computer-Adaptive Tests (CAT) for universal screening and highly sensitive Curriculum-Based Measures (CBM) for progress monitoring to quickly deliver accurate, actionable data and reports to inform instruction and guide interventions that move students toward math proficiency, faster.


Get a trusted, insightful composite score indicating students’ readiness or risk with this screening and monitoring tool. Key subsets are suggested per benchmark period—fall, winter, spring—varying over time. PreK-1 (may be used for older students as well).


Use Curriculum-Based Measurement for Math (CBMmath) to screen grades 1-8 and progress monitor students. Gain data insights about students’ readiness or risk across key math skill areas, such as computation, math concepts, and math applications. Grades 1-12. 


Adaptive Math (aMath) is often used by teachers to screen all students and to estimate annual growth with tri-annual assessments (fall, winter & spring). aMath data also helps educators quickly identify and inform instructional decisions for on-track and high-performers. Grades K-8.

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