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The FastBridge Approach


Grounded in Research for Proven Results

Conceived and developed by leading education researchers, and refined with input from real-world educators, FastBridge offers an industry first: Proven measures for formative assessment in one easy-to-use system.

FastBridge assessments combine Curriculum-Based Measures (CBM) and Computer-Adaptive Tests (CAT) for reading, math and social-emotional behavior (SEB), and delivers accurate, actionable reports for screening, skill analysis, instructional planning, and more to ensure educators have the right tools and the right data to provide timely and targeted supports. And it does this in half the time as other assessments, so you spend less time testing and more time delivering data-driven instruction.


See How FastBridge Works

FastBridge is the brainchild of leading educational researchers in the country, including those from the University of Minnesota — the birthplace of CBM and CAT methodologies. As part of our mission and values, we strive to transform the way teachers assess the learning needs of students with faster, proven results.


Easy to Use

88% of teachers surveyed agreed or strongly agreed that the FastBridge assessments were easy to administer.


Enable data-based decisions

Over 90% of elementary schools in Iowa use the FastBridge assessments for both universal screening and progress monitoring, allowing educators across Iowa to make data-based decisions focused on improving instructional practices to improved student outcomes.


Improve student outcomes

An independent survey of teachers indicates that 86% of educators believe FastBridge “may” or “will definitely” support increased student achievement.

Your help continues to move our school forward in using and interpreting the individual students’ results as well as allowing us to look at each class or our school as a whole. 

– Lori Amy, Nerstrand School, MN

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