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Reading Assessments


Screen and Monitor Students’ Literacy Skills

FastBridge reading assessments combine Computer-Adaptive Tests (CAT) to screen student achievement and highly sensitive Curriculum-Based Measures (CBM) to monitor growth over time. Use both for quick, reliable insights into student literacy to guide on-time, effective interventions that accelerate students toward their goals. The reading suite can be used on its own to assess students’ specific strengths and skill gaps in the area of literacy, or in conjunction with math and social-emotional behavior (SEB) measures for a more holistic view of achievement. It’s all included in one affordable subscription.

Trusted Literacy Screening

Many states have approved FastBridge for early reading and/or dyslexia screening.

Contact us to learn more about how FastBridge can help you meet your state literacy plan requirements.


Adaptive Reading (aReading) measures decoding and word identification skills, and comprehension with this fully automated, computer-administered assessment. Used for both screening and monitoring student progress grades K-12.


Comprehension Efficiency (COMPefficiency) measures the quality and efficiency of the comprehension processes in under 12 minutes. Available for universal screening and progress monitoring grades 2-8.


This fully automated, computer-administered assessment measures alphabetics, decoding, encoding, word identification, and vocabulary skills. Can be used for both screening and monitoring student progress in grades K-12.


Get a trusted, insightful composite score indicating students’ readiness or risk with this screening and monitoring tool (PreK-1; may be used for older students as well). Subsets are suggested per benchmark period, varying over time. Available in English or Spanish.


Curriculum-Based Measurement for Reading (CBMreading) is an efficient, evidence-based assessment for universal screening in grades 1-8, and progress monitoring for grades 1-12.  It is a simple and efficient procedure. Available in both English and Spanish.


Curriculum-Based Measurement for Comprehension (CBMcomp) assesses the details and coherence recalled and retold by a student immediately after reading. The measure is an optional add-on to CBMreading passages for screening and progress monitoring grades 1-8.

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