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CBMcomp (Curriculum-Based Measurement for Reading Comprehension) is a supplemental assessment to CBMreading for grades 1 to 8 universal screening and progress monitoring.

Reading comprehension is substantially emphasized in the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Literacy. The standards for reading performance reach beyond the fundamental aspects of reading to include the identification and use of meaning in both its explicit and implicit forms. Students who fail to meet these standards fail to derive and use the overall meaning of text.

Distinctions between the process of reading and the product of reading comprehension are important for interpreting and using assessment outcomes.

CBMcomp was designed to assess the details and coherence recalled and retold by a student immediately after reading (e.g., who, what, where, when, why and how). The measure promotes more authentic student reading with comprehension during CBMreading administrations and provides highly efficient data on reading comprehension.

Each grade passage has a unique set of materials for CBMcomp Questions and CBMcomp Retell. The simple online scoring is designed for educators to reliably and efficiently score student performance and evaluate the quality of a student’s inferential processes that occurred during reading and the mental representation that was constructed.

CBMcomp is divided into two parts:

  1. The Recall portion asks the student to recall the important parts of the story and the teacher marks each item that the student says. The recall portion also includes a Synthesis Recall section where the teacher can see the thoroughness of the recall.
  2. Comprehension Questions follow the recall portion and include ten questions about the passage. The teacher marks the response to the questions and the total correct will be calculated.

Uses and Applications

CBMcomp is an untimed optional supplement to CBMreading, and each part can be used together or in isolation. Each requires the student to read a CBMreading passage, which are all designed with a Goal-Action-Outcome story structure that provides context and support for comprehension supplements.

CBMcomp Questions: The question supplement provides standardized directions and ten standardized, passage-specific comprehension questions with answers. The teacher asks each question and marks it as correct or incorrect. Comprehension accuracy is reported on a scale from 0 to 100%. It takes approximately one minute to administer and score online.

CBMcomp Retell: The retell supplement provides standardized directions to prompt the student to retell the story. The teacher marks each of approximately 17 important details as the student recalls them. That defines the thoroughness of the retell.

There are additional points for the quality of the synthesis, which is based on the coherences and connections of the retold details. The synthesis portion is analyzed and scored by the software based on automated analysis of the details recalled. Total points are reported on a scale of approximately 0 to 23 (17 details, 6 synthesis).

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