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School-Wide Reports


Pinpoint Learning Opportunities and Provide Appropriate Guidance

FastBridge school-wide reports are the ideal tool for supporting teachers and school-based teams to ensure the success of your MTSS program. Reports provide a precise picture of achievement and growth across your school. Use them to quickly and easily identify at-risk students, create MTSS groupings, and make recommendations for instruction and interventions to help classrooms get back on track.

Screening & Problem Identification

Group Screening Report
Quickly and accurately groups students by risk.

Group Growth Report
Highlights rate of improvement based on fall benchmarks and provides growth goals and comparisons to class, school, district, and national norms.

Impact Report
Aggregates data at the district level and provides user the ability to drill down to school, grade, class and student level.

Family Report
This report helps parents understand their student’s FastBridge assessment results, aiding learning discussions between parents and teachers.

Norms and Benchmarks

All assessments yield reports with scores compared to color-coded norms (class, school, district, national) and benchmarks (high risk, some risk, low risk that predict state test performance). Norms and benchmarks are available for level of achievement and rate of growth. Rate of growth norms are provided for aggregated (all students) and disaggregated (high, typical, low achieving).

Support Classroom Educators

The FastBridge system offers a wide variety of in-person and online learning and development opportunities for educators across the country.

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