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Shorter Testing Time


Make More Time for What Really Matters

FastBridge assessments save time without sacrificing data quality so that teachers have more hours to do what they do best — teach. And when they’re using FastBridge, they’re confident that instruction is moving students closer toward learning goals.

We’ve created assessments that deliver highly accurate data faster than any other leading solution. When empowered with more time and reliable information, teachers can spend less of the school day delivering assessments and more of it delivering effective instruction.


Time savings.
Learning gains.

With our assessments, teachers spend up to 50% less time testing than with other systems. So teachers get more time for informed, targeted instruction. And students get the help they need sooner.

How We Deliver Better Data, Faster

FastBridge gives teachers more precise data more quickly using a combination of Curriculum-Based Measures (CBM) and Computer Adaptive Tests (CAT) for reading, math, and social-emotional behavior (SEB). Teachers can use this data to identify at-risk students faster and intervene to prevent students from falling even further behind.

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