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Curriculum-Based Measures (CBM)


The Right Tool for the Right Data at the Right Time

Effective progress monitoring requires different tools than those used for universal screening. Tools for progress monitoring must be brief, easy to use, valid, reliable, and, most importantly, highly sensitive to growth. Curriculum-Based Measures (CBM) are all of these things.

FastBridge Common Core-aligned CBM probes apply cutting-edge R&D to ensure that you receive accurate and actionable progress monitoring data to inform interventions and provide the targeted supports students need, exactly when they need them. We deliver that data in half the time as other systems, allowing you to make modifications to instruction earlier and accelerate students toward learning goals faster with truly impactful instruction.

curriculum based measures

CBM in Action

When you test with FastBridge, you test with confidence.

Every tool uses brief, evidence-based CBM probes that are highly sensitive to growth, easily administered and supported by significant educational research from Dr. Theodore J. Christ and his research team at the University of Minnesota to ensure validity and reliability.


earlyReading is a screening and progress monitoring tool that provides an insightful composite score indicating PreK-1 student readiness or risk. The composite varies from fall, winter, or spring, per grade level to best match reading skill development and reliably assess risk.


Curriculum-Based Measurement for Reading (CBMreading) is used for universal screening grades 1-8 and progress monitoring grades 1-12 to evaluate a student’s performance, including accuracy, error types, and qualitative features. Available in English and Spanish.


Curriculum-Based Measurement for Comprehension (CBMcomp) is supplement to CBMreading for grades 1 to 8. Use for screening and progress monitoring to assess the details and coherence recalled and retold by a student immediately after reading (e.g., who, what, where, when, why and how).


AUTOreading emerged from years of research as a fully automated, computer-administered measure of decoding, word identification, and comprehension for grades K-12. Use to screen and monitor student progress that aligns to skills recommended in the Common Core State Standards.


Comprehension Efficiency (COMPefficiency) measures the multiple components of reading comprehension to inform instruction and intervention. Assess the quality of the comprehension processes for grades 2-8 in less than 12 minutes. Available for universal screening and progress monitoring.


Curriculum-Based Measurement for Math (CBMmath) universally screen students in grades 1-8 and can be used to progress monitor students through grade 12. Gain data insights about students’ readiness or risk across key math skill areas, such as computation, math concepts, and math applications.

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