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Solutions for Districts


Reach District Outcomes and Achieve State Standards

FastBridge is a high-quality, affordable solution for measuring student performance across the district and examining instructional effectiveness to identify systemic issues. Use data from formative assessment to enable MTSS, plan appropriate resource allocations and professional learning, and meet state-level reporting requirements for student performance and progress.

MTSS Program

Implement a Complete MTSS Program

Provide educators with the supports needed to implement an effective MTSS framework and make ongoing, data-driven decisions that support student achievement:

  • Evidence-based reading, math and social-emotional and behavioral (SEB) screening and progress monitoring
  • Easy-to-use reports
  • Research-based decision-making tools
  • Teacher professional development and training
Progress Monitoring

Monitor Progress Toward Academic Goals

Help teachers ensure that all students are on track for success. Give them tools to frequently check in on students with IEPS and those who receive interventions to measure growth, evaluate the effectiveness of supports and make necessary adjustments.

district wide screening

Screen for Gaps in Learning

When scheduled throughout the school year, FastBridge assessments provide timely, precise data around reading, math and SEB functioning. Educators can apply this screening data to identify at-risk students, provide on-time interventions and close small skill deficits before they become large achievement gaps.

district wide reporting

Analyze Reports

Use district-level reports to:

  • Review school and grade-level scores to reveal systemic instructional issues
  • Measure growth across the district and in individual schools and grades
  • Determine resource needs by school site
  • Fulfill state-mandated reporting requirements
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