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Support Teachers and School-Based MTSS Teams

For MTSS to be effective, and to address the unique needs of diverse student groups, teachers must have data and reports that reveal student performance across the school and at grade levels.

FastBridge reports are designed to support specific user types and school-based teams, providing insight to quickly identify at-risk students, accurately group students, and apply appropriate, evidence-based interventions to target and improve the specific skills students struggle with.

MTSS Program

Facilitate MTSS at the School Level

The FastBridge assessment system offers the insight and support needed to implement an effective MTSS framework. Your teachers can easily adopt FastBridge to:

  • Screen for achievement gaps with reading, math and behavior assessments
  • Monitor progress toward learning goals for students receiving Tier 2 and 3 interventions
  • Review reports to identify gaps and measure learning growth among groups of students
  • Make confident, data-driven decisions around instruction and intervention with help from professional development and research-based decision-making tools
Identify At-Risk Students

Identify At-Risk Students and Determine MTSS Groupings

Provide teachers with quick, precise assessment data across reading, math and SEB at regular intervals throughout the school year. This data can help them determine which students are struggling and the level of intervention necessary to close learning gap.

School support

Review School Level Reports

Give grade-level and school-wide teams access to reports to:

  • View assessment scores by building, grade-level, class, and individual student
  • Identify at-risk students and create groupings for MTSS
  • Plan appropriate interventions and instructional changes
  • Analyze growth for classes, grades and the entire school
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