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Solutions for Teachers


Empower Teachers with Tools to Improve Instruction

FastBridge assessments help teachers spend less time testing and more time teaching. Our assessments transform the way teachers assess students’ learning needs and differentiate instruction. Screening and progress monitoring provide highly accurate data in less time, plus proven recommendations to guide on-time interventions.

With data from FastBridge, your teachers can foster greater learning outcomes faster, and feel more confident in instruction.

Identify At-Risk Students

Identify At-Risk Students

When used consistently throughout the school year for universal screening, FastBridge provides access to reliable data across reading, math and social-emotional behavior (SEB) assessments. Teachers can apply that data to identify at-risk students and provide on-time, effective interventions.

From Screening to Intervention

Get Guidance to Drive Student Growth

Unlike other solutions, FastBridge does more than simply deliver data. Its intuitive reports are easy to understand and provide recommendations for tracking and directing student growth. The Screening to Intervention (S2i) Report summarizes multiple assessment results into clear, actionable steps for students, subgroups and entire classes to guide appropriate supports.

Progress Monitoring

Monitor Progress Toward Learning Goals

Once students are set up with an intervention, teachers can use brief progress monitoring probes to quickly track student growth. FastBridge not only shows student progress in easy-to-interpret graphs, but it also projects future performance in half the time as other solutions, allowing teachers to make modifications earlier to accelerate student outcomes.

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