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Progress Monitoring


Know Sooner if Instruction and Interventions are Truly Working

FastBridge progress monitoring allows you to frequently check in on Tier 2 and 3 students in your MTSS program. Use progress monitoring to measure their rate of improvement and determine whether targeted instruction and interventions should be maintained, modified, or intensified to close achievement gaps, faster.

All of our progress monitoring measures utilize Curriculum-Based Measures (CBM), ensuring that they are:

  • Brief and won’t take away from valuable instruction
  • Simple and easy to interpret and apply
  • Sensitive to growth to show the effects of interventions over short periods
  • Valid, assessing only the specific skill areas that match students’ needs
  • Reliable and highly predictive of future outcomes
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6 vs. 12

Accurate Data in Half the Time

FAST Projection is a new, patent-pending algorithm based on extensive research from the University of Minnesota. It is the only progress monitoring tool that gives teachers accurate data with just 6 data points. That’s half the amount as other leading solutions, leading to faster intervention!


Flexible Progress Monitoring

Our supportive and flexible progress monitoring tools leave the teacher in control of the process by providing timely feedback and support to quickly adjust instruction as needed. FastBridge progress monitoring tools simplify the entire goal-setting process with built-in guidance based on a research-backed rate of improvement (ROI) recommendations.


Take the Proven Approach to Progress Monitoring

Although there are two common approaches to progress monitoring—Curriculum-Based Measurement (CBM) and Computer-Adaptive Tests (CAT)—only CBM is proven effective. That’s why our approach relies on CBM to offer teachers the robust and reliable data needed to monitor students’ progress toward academic goals and provide the right support to get them there.

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