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What is Behavior Screening and Why Should I Do It?

As a new school year gets under way, many educators are wondering how to identify and support students’ behaviors and social skills. The starting point for efforts to improve student behavior is universal screening. Such screening provides educators with data…

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Ensure Every Student Makes Sufficient Growth

Educators know that all students can learn. Yet, even seasoned educators can be surprised by just how different students’ needs can be in order to grow. In almost every classroom, you’ll find students who are successful and learning at a pace they need to have continued academic success — this is often called making “a year’s worth of growth in a year’s worth of time.” You’ll also encounter students who are on that course but are growing less than their peers. These students fall into three groups:

  1. Students performing below expectations who are at-risk for reading or math failure and fail to close the achievement gap
  2. Students who are on track but don’t grow enough and slip into an at-risk status for reading or math failure
  3. Students who are high-achieving and fail to make exceptional growth

Historically, we’ve reacted differently to each students’ lack of sufficient growth.

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Considerations for Using Spring Screening Data to Plan Fall Instruction

Universal screening has become a common practice in many schools. This screening involves having all of the students in each grade complete the same assessment. Traditional approaches to universal screening have typically included conducting the assessments three times a year, in the fall, winter and spring. However, research about screening indicates that perhaps it is not necessary to screen all students three times a year, and less frequent screenings can provide enough data about student performance to guide instruction.

This blog will review the purposes of universal screening, explore recent research findings and provide suggestions for alternative screening schedules. A primary focus will be on how to use spring screening data to group students for fall instruction so that those students needing interventions can access them at the very beginning of the new school year.

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Reading Assessment

Effective Reading Instruction

By: Rachel Brown, Ph.D., NCSP A recent radio news story on National Public Radio addressed the question “why aren’t kids being taught to read?” This story reviewed available research about effective reading instruction and then pointed out that such research…
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Effective Universal Instruction

FAQ: How to Implement Successful Universal Instruction

  Dr. Sarah Brown is the Senior Director of Learning & Development at FastBridge and the co-author of Effective Universal Instruction: An Action-Oriented Approach to Improving Tier 1 . In anticipation of her book release, Dr. Brown compiled a list of…
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