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Best Practices for Sharing Benchmark Screening Results with Families

One topic that often comes up at this time of year relates to universal screening, sometimes called benchmark, screening results. Some of the most common questions revolve around how they compare to other kinds of assessments, and how to share the information with families at conferences.

Beyond talking about a student’s individual score, teachers want to provide a meaningful context for screening data. Many of the parents and guardians who attend conferences never encountered screening assessments when they were in school. Indeed, prior to the last decade, the only assessments in schools were chapter tests and end-of-year exams.

Today’s teachers often find themselves needing to explain not only a student’s screening scores, but also why there are many different types of assessments now used in schools. That’s where a broad understanding of types and functions of assessment comes in handy.

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Group Screening Reports

Group Screening Report for Leaders

by Rachel Brown, Ph.D., NCSP FastBridge Learning® offers many different reports that summarize student data. In addition to there being many different reports, there are also different levels of certain reports. For example, the Group Screening Report provides different information for…

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