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University Training Program
Putting teachers ahead of the curve

We strongly believe in providing teachers with access to research-based information and tools to transform how they assess the learning needs of their students. This belief also extends to teachers at institutions of higher learning. That’s why we offer complimentary access to FASTTM for college and university faculty who teach academic and/or behavior assessment courses.

How the University Training Program works:

To help educate undergraduate and graduate students on using the FAST system, faculty members assign each student a “teacher” account with fabricated data for three students per grade level. Students use these accounts to gain practical knowledge of FAST that will help them apply a research-based approach to teaching.

What’s included:

For faculty and students enrolled in their courses, the University Training Program provides the following:

  • Manager-level account for instructors
  • Ability for instructors to add students as teachers or specialist users
  • All assessment tools
  • Training tools, including slides for each assessment type and sample course syllabi
  • Access to 24/7, on-demand online training and certification units about each FAST assessment
  • Ability for instructors to monitor students’ training and certification progress
Enroll/Learn More

University faculty or students who want access to FastBridge measures to conduct research may request access by contacting Senior Academic Officer Dr. Rachel Brown at

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